Our Services

Web Design – We specialize in putting together a simple but great looking website to showcase your business quickly and at very little cost to you.

Email & Social Media Marketing – These days email marketing has been proven to be the most effective form of marketing. We can design and deliver branded messaging that is sure to get the attention of your customers.

Web Hosting – We can show you how to get this for free. And we can explain what services you might want to pay for, which ones you don’t, and how much you should be paying. And we can host it for you, providing better services for less money than our competition.

Graphic Design – We offer a full range of services to help you look your best, whether it’s on the internet, on your business cards, or through your catalogs and ads. You need a professional look and we can help you with that.

Photography & Photo Manipulation – Pictures lie. A dirty pool can be cleaned up in the photograph. Add or remove people and things. Photos of your business and products need to look their best.

Music Editing and Publishing – We publish music too!

Book / eBook Editing and Publishing – If you have a book that needs publishing let us take a look at it. I’m sure we can help.

Internet Advertising – Advertising on the internet is not usually a magic bullet, but we can help you take your marketing campaign onto the internet and drive traffic to your website and to your business. And we can track it so that you know what kind of return you are getting for your investment.